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Cozy Pet Grocery Has All Natural Foods For Your Pets

We at Cozy Pet are always researching for the best quality foods for your Pets. Of course, we can’t carry them all, but if we can get it, we’d be happy to special order it for you.
Come in and introduce your Special Friend to us. We Specialize in “Better Health for your Pet”!
All Natural Dog Foods and Cat Foods: At Cozy Pet. You won’t find any, pesticides, added fillers, chemical stabilizers, or by-products in any of our dry foods. We’re Natural which means, Better Health for your Pet.
Avo Derm Cat – By Breeders Choice is specially formulated to help with hairballs and regurgitation problems. Their can food flavors cats really seem to enjoy. Perhaps it’s the natural organic ingredients. Such Smart Cats! A great cat food for your furry pal.
Avo Derm Dog - Formulated with avocado oil for skin & coat. Now comes in small breed dog and puppy. Great for sensitive stomachs.
Canidae - all natural food with 4 protein sources, Chicken, Lamb, Turkey and Fish. Well balanced with vitamins, and skin/coat supplements.
Country Naturals - Grandma Mae's three healthy protein source nutrition, fruits and vegetables, anti oxidants plus omega 3 & 6. Great for sensitive stomachs.
Evo, diet by Innova – is a high protein food – no carbs – food based on feeding a raw diet in a dry formula.
Evo/Cat – Kitten: High Protein (which cats need) raw-type diet in a dry formula.
Fromm Gold– We carry both the Adult and puppy as well as their 4-Star formulas in Chicken & Vegetable, Pork & Applesauce and Duck & Sweet Potato. Which is wonderful for picky eaters and those that must have a restricted diet. We can order Senior and Reduced by request.
Innova and California Natural – both wonderful foods by Neura. Innova is a blended balanced food where California Natural has only one carb and one protein for limited diets and sensitive stomachs.
Merrick – all Natural & Organic – a well blended food with whole vegetables and fruits. (The can formula looks like home cooked.) This dry food can be moistened and will develop its own natural broth gravy. Yummy!
Nature's Variety - Raw diet. Provides the greatest source of biologically available, natural ingredients including vitamins, enzymes and amino acids. These provide a healthy skin and coat and promotes good teeth and gum health.
Nature's Variety and Instinct - Dry food recommended and approved by Veterinarians.
Natural Balance - Wonderfully balanced dog food. Dogs love it. There are 5 different blends. Chicken/Duck ultra is for all dogs. The Duck, Venison & Fish are allergy formulated and the Venison and Vegetable blends are excellent for dogs who must be on a cancer diet. Can’t say enough about this food. Its name says it all, and to even better the name, they also have a certified organic blend. Wow!
Orijen & Acana - Dog & Cat grain free foods. Excellent source of protein rated best food of 2008.
Pinnacle - by Breeders Choice. Organic blends in three flavors, Chicken, Duck, and Trout. Allergy blended formulas.
Sold Gold – A premium food that has been proven to give your dog more vitality and longevity. It comes in Lamb, Beef, and Fish for dogs that can’t tolerate meats.
Tripett - Green Tripe pet food. Highest source of protein for your dog.
Triumph – special diets – an all natural Substitution for Hills Science Diet. – Specialty foods.
Wellness - human grade ingredients. Well balanced with vegetables and fruits. Highly digestible. A perfect dog food for the deep chested large breed dog (although little ones
benefit from it too).
We also carry Health Extention - Vet's Choice

We carry natural supplements and veterinarian related products.

Feeding your dog or cat of any age on a natural food diet is most beneficial to your pet. If you want to know about by-products, we'd be happy to educate you. After all, we care about your pet and it's good health!

Yes: We have can food to compliment the dry food.
One is Michael's Jar Food. – It's a fresh from the farm made food. All Natural! Dogs love it! Even the fussy ones! Yummy!

We will be happy to special order any other brand foods.


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"Our prices are less then the Big Chain Competitors.
We are a Mom & Pop Store providing personal attention to our customers and their pets.
We are pet people who treat your pets like they are part of our family."

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